Accella Tire Fill Systems™ is committed to investing in R&D which supports the sustainability of our environment.

As the industry leader in tire flatproofing solutions for the past 45 years, Accella Tire Fill Systems™ has made providing environmentally supportive products a long-term strategic business priority. As a zero waste, zero emission manufacturer, Accella Tire Fill Systems™ has proved that innovation and sustainability can coexist and become a competitive advantage.

During the past decade, Accella Tire Fill Systems™ has introduced next generation technology that significantly reduces the usage of oil, petrochemicals, toxic metals and other environmentally harmful compounds. Accella Tire Fill Systems™' sustainability initiatives have resulted in safer manufacturing environments for our employees and our customers.

Number of trees Accella Tire Fill Systems™ has planted through our Sustainability program:

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  • TyrFil™ significantly reduces the usage of oil, petrochemicals, toxic metals, and other environmentally harmful compounds.
  • TyrFil™ tires last 20-30% longer than air-filled or solid tires requiring fewer overall tires.
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  • Existing fill can be reused.
  • TyrFil™ tires can be retreaded up to 4 times with no decrease in performance.
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  • Using our innovative Recycling Technology, tires can be filled with up to 50% recycled materials.
  • Since 2005, Accella Tire Fill Systems™ has recycled 30 million pounds of tire material.

One Tote - One Tree

We realize that there is only so much we can accomplish on our own. By partnering with American Forests and our customers, we've established the "One Tote, One Tree" program that plants a new tree for every tote of product purchased by our customers, resulting in over 160,000 new trees planted so far - all while helping to eliminate the use of over 15,000 barrels of petrochemicals.

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TyrFil™ is the only flatproofing solution with a closed-loop system that reduces carbon footprint and saves money.

Accella™ is the only Tire Fill manufacturer in the industry to offer recycling technology. The Accella™ Recycling Technology significantly reduces the environmental impact of traditional tire flatproofing by:

  • Recycling and using up to 65% post-consumer tire fill
  • Eliminating up to 65% of the petrochemicals (including oil) normally required to fill an Off-the-Road (OTR) tire
  • Keeping used tire fill out of landfills and eliminating landfill disposal fees

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